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What can I expect from a performance?


How long is the show?

A typical show is between 15 - 30 minutes. The dancer may use finger cymbals, sword, veil, Isis wings, cane, and/or candles but not a different prop for every song. When appropriate, the show may include audience participation, for example, the guest of honor may be asked to belly dance!


Is it appropriate for children?

Yes, the belly dance show is family friendly. Children often love to dance, too!


Will Laska bring music?

Laska has a powerful portable Bluetooth speaker for her playlist. Usually Laska will stay out of sight until the music has begun playing.


What kind of music is used?

Depending on your preference, music can range from classical Middle Eastern music to modern pop. Please note that special requests are accepted up totwo weeks before the performance to allow for last-minute rehearsals.


When will Laska arrive?

Laska arrives 15-30 minutes early in order to dress and set up. She will text you before she leaves and when she arrives in the parking lot or driveway. She will pack up and be ready to leave within 10-20 minutes after the performance.


How do I pay?

Laska accepts cash payment at the event or payment via PayPal.


Is tipping appropriate?

Yes. Unless the host has requested otherwise, Laska will gladly accept tips. Tips may be given to her afterwards or thrown above her head as a "money shower." Please note that Laska does not accept tips in her costume.


Is there a contract?

Yes. If time permits, the contract will be mailed and signed in advance, or if time is short, it can be signed via email.

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