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Here are links to some great resources about belly dance (MENAHT dances): 

Belly Dance Museum online

Gilded Serpent 

Belly Dance New England information - costumes, accessories, etc.

Miss Belly Dance costumes (costumes)

Sharif Wear costumes

Bella costumes

Podcasts: A Little Lighter; Yalla Raqs;

Belly Dance Life

500 other links to belly dance sites

And of course, there's always Amazon!

A special thanks to my past teachers, Taghrid, Sandra Catena, Ranya Renée, and Shahrazad in New York City; Melina in Boston; Cassandra al Warda in Cleveland; Nancy McAndrew in Lynchburg, VA, and Elisheva in Hartford.  I’ve also benefited greatly from shorter times spent with Bellyqueen in NYC; Loni Butera in Boston, and Fatima of Lumina Dance Academy in Pasadena, and of course workshops (!) with Kaeshi Chai, Tamalyn Dallal, Amar Gamal, Louchia, Jillina, Aziza, Shahrzad, Princess Farhana, Zoe Jakes, Moriah Chappell, Ziah Ali, Phaedra, Mira Betz, Nancy Aued, Assia Guemra, Sandra Catena, Ranya Renée, Jill Parker, Khalima, Randa, Mavi, Madame Onça, Samira Shuruk, Aela Badiana, Anthea Kawakib, Amaranth, Miramar, and drumming workshops with Sidqi, Carmine Guida, Issam Houshan, and Raquy.


Lastly, I wish to give a hearty thank you to the dancers I call my “living room teachers” (DVD instructors): Michelle Joyce, Aziza, Ava Fleming, Amanda Rose, Jillina, Nadira, Tamalyn Dallal, Amar Gamal, Kaeshi Chai & Bellyqueen, Ruby, Sadie, Shahrzad, Summer Sahar, Shoshanna, Katia, Sherena, Andalee Owens, Victoria Teel, Shems, Yvonne, Amaya, Virginia, Saida, Irina Akulenko, Bozenka, Ruby, Sonia, Princess Farhana, Phaedra, Alimah, Sedona Soulfire, and Neon.

I believe in continuing to learn from dancers in the U.S. and beyond. I’ve benefitted from classes with Assia Guemra, Faith, Kamellia, and Leila Haddad in Paris, Studio Lapis in Tokyo, and Studio Datura in Portland, OR. When online classes became available, I've taken and continue to take so many online classes with amazing dancers around the world that I would have to add many more names than would fit here!

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